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Alison PS Designs - ​Wedding & Ball Gowns

Wendy Ann Ball Gowns

Unlike my vast range of stock gowns, these gowns are available in to many sizes and colours to be able to stock them all. 

I will have at least one sample of each gown in store for you to try on and see the beautiful quality. If the gown in stock is the correct colour and size for you, then you can purchase it and take it away immediately, the same as my regular stock.

If you want to choose a different colour from their range, or need a different size, I will take your measurements and suggest the best size for the closest fit.

The gown will be ordered the next day and has an estimated delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks...not 12 weeks like other suppliers. Although recently I have been able to get some gowns in less than 2 weeks.

You will only need to pay half of your order at the time of placing it, the balance is not due until it arrives.

I do not take online orders or ship out to clients, so you will need to come to the studio for your measurements to be taken before the gown is ordered. 

Not all colour options are shown below.

Off white gowns are on the Purely Bridal Gowns page

Please go to The Boring Stuff page for all the terms and conditions.


Available in - White, Rose, Navy Blue, Gold, Burgundy.

Sizes 4 - 16


Available in - Red, Black, Hunter Green, Blush, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Yellow

Sizes 2 - 14


Available in - Gold, rose Gold

Sizes 4 - 14


Available in - Red, Royal Blue

Sizes 2 - 14


Available in - Gold, Navy

Sizes 4 - 14


Available in - Off White, Blush, Paris Blue, Red, ​Deep Emerald, Eggplant, Violet, Lipstick, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Rose.

Sizes 2 - 22


Available in - Off White, Champagne, Blush, Navy, Smokey Blue.

Sizes XS - 4XL


Available in - Opal Black, Opal Blue, Opal Champagne, Opal Lilac

Sizes XS - 3XL


Available in - Seamist, Opal Blue, Opal Blush, Opal Mauve

Sizes 4 - 20


Available in - Emerald, Gold, Red, Royal, Platinum

Sizes XS - 2XL


Available in - Navy, Mauve

Sizes XXS - 6XL


Available in -  Leopard, Burgundy, Emerald

Sizes 4 - 16


Available in - Mauve, Blush, Silver

Sizes 2 - 22

Monte Carlo

Available in - Burgundy, Gold, Emerald, Navy

Sizes XS - 4XL


Available in - Emerald, Eggplant, Mauve, Navy, Eucalyptus, Blush.

Sizes 4 - 20


Available in - Silver, Nude, Blush, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Emerald, Smoke, Lavender, Red, Eggplant, Mauve, Purple

Sizes 2 - 20.


Available in - Navy. Burgundy, Champagne.

Sizes XS - 3XL

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