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Alison PS Gowns

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Cassie's Gown

So many mums wish their daughter would wear their wedding gown one day.....but most of the time it doesn't happen. In fact it is approximately 1 in 1,000,000 that do.

So when Cassie came to me with her ideas, I knew it was an amazing opportunity. 

This is Cassie's wedding gown story.

Why did you decide to use your mother's wedding gown?

I always admired mum's wedding dress, in her wedding photos, displayed in her house. Thinking I would never get the chance to see the dress and try it on myself was upsetting. Mum kept her veil for me, which was special.

After mum's wedding, she sold her dress to her younger cousin who was going to wear it for her wedding...but never did.

Mum thought the gown was long gone. But when I got engaged, mum's cousin contacted me and asked if I would like it back. It came to me in a black garbage bag. At this point I didn't know what condition it would be in. I couldn't wait to get it home to try it on.

As soon as I got the gown out of the bag and tried it on I loved it. Of course it was very 80's, but the lace work and pearl beads caught my eye the most.

After going to a few dress shops I knew I had to go custom made. I started searching the web and came across Alison.PS Designs. The words "Exclusive to You" made me read more.

On the 22nd July 2013 I 

had contacted Alison via email, sending through some pictures of different designs I was interested in. Alison came up with a few different designs and we arranged to meet

When I met Alison we began to talk about how I got mum's dress back after all this time, and how I would have loved to use it somehow. But the condition wasn't the best after being stored in a bag for so many years.

This is when Alison said I could use the lace panels from the dress to create mine.......from then I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do.

Whose idea was it, and was it an emotional conversation?

Both mum and my Nan were at the appointment with me when Alison mentioned what she could do with mum's dress. Both of their eyes lit up and I asked mum if she minded. I could tell how excited she was that something could be done with her dress. Later that day mum was telling dad and the excitement in her voice said it all.....she was very proud that I would be using both her veil and bits from her dress to create my DREAM DRESS!  

How did you get the ideas for your gown, especially the idea of having a 2 in 1 gown?

I've always wanted to be princess for the day, so having the big full skirt was something I really wanted. After trying on many styles, I liked how the figure hugging dresses suited me also. I never saw the point in having this amazing gown then changing into something a little lighter in the evening. This made the choice that much easier, to have the best of both by keeping the same gown, just removing the fuller skirt.

What was going through your mind before, during and after your calico fitting?

I'm a very impatient person, so the excitement to finally start the process was great.

I knew that this meant the next time I had an appointment, I could see my custom made dress.

Now your mum knows I have cut up her dress, how does she feel about it?

She's happy that I could use it. Mum never imagined she would ever see the dress again. Seeing the dress being created into something that suits me is very exciting for her.

How have you found the experience?

Loving it. Alison is so helpful, she has created everything I ever imagined. I was so excited seeing it finally coming together. The lace from mum's dress looked like new. It fitted so well with the appliques, and the beads are stunning.

My Nan came for my first dress fitting as she is the one that bought the dress for mum all those years ago. She is also buying this dress for me. She couldn't stop talking about it.

The Big Day

The morning of our wedding I couldn't wait to finally get into my amazing dress and show it off to my bridesmaids.

Once I got the dress on I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I'll never forget my parents face when I walked out. They looked so proud I could have burst into tears then. The compliments from our wedding guests were endless, everyone loved my dress.

I felt like I was in a real life fairy tale, it was everything I imagined. Not only did it look good, it was made to fit me perfectly. So wearing it all day and night was no trouble at all.

My husband loved the dress, he was most impressed when my skirt came off and the little dress was hiding underneath.

Thank you again for creating my dream truly made my day!

I plan on passing it down to my daughter so she can have a similar experience as I have done.