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Alison PS Gowns

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Bespoke Bridal Testimonials

Designing and creating a wedding gown was probably the most rewarding part of my job. I was always honoured to be asked to produce such an important part of the "Big Day". But as my business has grown, I have had to sacrifice this part due to the amount of hours needed to create a gown completely from scratch. 

Instead I now offer clients with inherited gowns, or styles that are not exactly what they had in mind, the service of redesigning that gown. It still means you get an unique gown with a custom design, but it takes far less time and means it is far cheaper for you too. 

It is important to build a strong relationship with my clients. To listen to their ideas carefully and ensure I can bring it to reality. Having a bespoke gown made is not like buying it off the rail. You are putting your trust in me to turn a drawing into YOUR dream dress. Every detail, no matter how small, is as important to me as it is to you. 

I have had the great pleasure of creating many bridal gowns over the years, below are just a few stories of my Bespoke Brides.


It must be a proud moment for a mum to know her daughter wants to wear her bridal gown.  

I am often asked to take the essentials from an inherited gown, and make a new one with a different or modern design. 

Elyse loved every part of her mum's gown, and had it of fit, she would of worn it with no changes. She loved the delicate lace over a satin and tulle bodice, and the softness of the chiffon skirt.

Elyse sent these lovely photos with a fun message...."Love it when a plan comes together. Thank you so much Alison for making my dress xxxx."

The challenge was to make a new bodice to seamlessly blend in with the original sleeves and skirt. This meant matching the existing many shades of ivory, and carefully lifting all the existing lace so it could be reused.

The end result was a beautiful gown that looked like the original, with just a little Alison tweak to the lace placement.


One of the best things about making a bespoke gown, is the fact that I can design the gown to reflect the personality of the bride. Melanie's gown was the perfect example of this.

As with all gowns, the initial consultation is as much about the bride as it is about her gown. Melanie knew what basic style and colours she wanted, but the rest she left to my creativity..... which made it very easy to design her gown.

There were over 55 lace appliques individually sewn onto the gown. Plus the finishing touch of pearl buttons and loops to give function as well as feature to the back of the bodice.

Melanie and her partner are keen Essendon fans, and it was her express wish to add a little tribute to Essendon on her gown.

So while I designed the gown, Melanie went on the hunt for the perfect addition.

With the exception of the pearl buttons, the lace applique holding the Essendon pendant was the only part of the gown that was beaded.

The result was beautiful, and more importantly.....perfect for Melanie.

Melanie sent me this lovely photo as she said it was her favourite.

I asked her if her husband loved her tribute to Essendon, and she replied "yes he loved it lol"


Angela and her mum were always so bubbly and easy to work with. During the early stages of design and measurement process, Angela got the delightful news that she was pregnant.

Amazingly the original design still worked well with a growing bump....with just a few hidden changes.

The end result was a beautifully fitted and comfortable lace bridal gown.  

I used a soft lace with lightweight satin underneath. The front design was gathered into the side seam and finished with a long diamante applique. The gown had a lace up back.

Angela sent me this message shortly after the wedding. "Everyone loved my dress. Thank you so much!! xx"

She also later sent me a photo of her beautiful baby boy. What an amazing year 2017 has been for Angela and her family.


The first thing I have to say is how amazing the photographer Don Benson is. Rebecca sent me so many stunning images, but the one on the right is my absolute favourite.

Rebecca was a fantastic bride to work with. Designing a gown with lots of heavy bead work, yet ensuring it didn't over power her tiny frame, was always an important factor.

Rebecca's gown was made from crystal organza over satin, to give a lightweight look and feel. The back was zip fastened and finished with covered buttons.

I had Alison make me a dress from scratch and i absolutely loved it!!

I had so many guests say how stunning it was and ask where i got it from!


Laura was a delight to work with....always bubbly and excited about every stage. She sent me so many wonderful messages and gifts along the way. Laura also gave me 5 stars and wrote this review:

"I had Alison make me an amazing dress! It was everything I wanted and more! I am soo pleased with her amazing friendliness the whole time and ability to recreate the ideas in my head and make the most incredible dress! Can't wait to show her the photos on my big day! Couldn't recommend her highly enough!! If anyone is wanting a one of a kind dress, or even alterations, Ali is your lady! Thanks 1000x"

The image to the right was taken on Laura's final fitting.

This romantic image shows off the lace hem beautifully.

The breathtaking location just highlights the details of the gown and feel of the entire wedding.


Danielle wanted romance, white ruffles and bling!

She wasn't entirely sure how she wanted that achieved to start with so it was great fun going through her ideas and creating a design. 

Every time I saw Danielle was fun, she was always smiling and so relaxed.....the perfect client. 

Danielle sent this photo with the following message "I would like to thank Alison for my beautiful wedding dress she made for me, everyone loved it especially the hubby."

Danielle's bodice had approx 200 rhinestones and diamante's for extra bling!


Alison wanted her gown to be elegant and classic.

Her wedding was on the beach and had a beautiful relaxed feel.

Alison's mum was so proud and sent me this lovely message..."It was a wonderful day and Alison looked absolutely stunning. Everyone raved about the dress."

Alison's message said " I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did on turning an idea in my mind into my dream dress. Thank you so much. Sorry I got it so dirty ☺️ haha. X" 

Alison also added her 'something blue' to the top of the pearl buttons, making it a lovely finishing touch.

After lots of searching from suppliers all over the world, I found a stunning lace to act as the main feature of the design.

Alison's gown had a figure hugging shape with a full flare fishtail and a deep lace hem. The lace was also used to create a delicate back to the bodice.

With the design having such clean lines and figure hugging form, the rest of the fabric choices were also well researched. It was all time well spent as the colours and textures complimented each other perfectly.


I love the opportunity to be creative and design wedding and ball gowns that are totally unique. None sum this up more than Anne's wedding gown. She came to me with such amazing ideas that if I could have afforded to....I would have done it for free!!

Sadly I run a business and always have bills to pay haha.

I hope you can appreciate the unique personality that went into this wedding gown. Even when her sisters came to watch her fitting, they all said how totally perfect it was for her.

And I can honestly say without any doubt that this was the most unique gown I have ever made......and I thoroughly enjoyed making it.

Anne sent me some beautiful photos from their wedding in NSW, along with this message....

"Hi Alison!

The dress you designed was loved by all on the big day, people were absolutely amazed by it. Thank you once again. The day was perfect and the pictures turned out great! Here are a few photos for you to see how good you really are! X"

These photos were taken on Anne's final fitting, and shows the hundreds of individual petals on the skirt, and natural peacock feathers that spray out over the bodice.


Suzanne's story is a beautiful one. She has such a lovely outlook on life. I was so pleased when she said she was marrying her soul mate as it is a phrase I use about me and my husband. I felt like I was looking into a mirror whenever we got together for consultations and fittings as we have similar hair, same age, both slightly hippy and a bit mad haha. No matter what life throws at her she is always smiling.

Suzanne said "We are back from Fiji and the wedding was simply beautiful." Thought I would send you a couple of pics!!! Xxxx

At every stage I sent her images of the progress of her gown. Each was replied with "Oh yay yay so excited!" and "It looks amazing!!!!!!! I love it !!!! So so much xxx"

And even after a fitting Suzanne would message with "I love my dress, I really do it's truly beautiful."

The addition of a personalized "Something Blue" panel to the lining hem of Suzanne's dress made it so special.

There were lots of fine details on Suzanne's dress.

From the lace covered buttons to the hundreds of sequins, diamantes and silver lined seed beads that covered the delicate flower design on the lace.


Truly one of the most relaxed brides I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She was always smiling and had lots of fun at every consultation. 

The request was for miles of ruffled white organza and lots of sparkle. I am delighted to say she got exactly what she asked for.

Angela said "My beautiful wedding dress designed and created by Alison. I absolutely loved my dress and everyone said how beautiful it is. I got so many compliments."

Thousands of sequins, silver lined beads, diamante's, bugle beads....the list goes on. All entwined through organza pleats and finished by a diamante buckle on the belt.

Making the skirt was the most amusing. I really wished I had got a picture of me buried under the endless yards of was a funny sight.


I was asked to design a gown for Linda and for her bridesmaid. The idea was for the two gowns to compliment each other in a subtle way.

Sometimes a gown evolves from the original design into something far better. A few little design changes makes all the difference in the end.

Linda's original design was lovely, but after we found the perfect fabric and played around with it, it was clear to see that a few designs changes were needed.

I am so pleased that both Linda and her bridesmaid loved their gowns, andwas delighted to see that Linda posted this wonderful rev iew on the "Easy Wedding" website.

"I wanted to design my wedding gown not just buy one off the rack...I found Alison who took the time to listen to what I wanted and draw designs to get what I wanted. Over a year we met and I change my ideas and she was always accommodating and patient. I would high recommend Alison to anyone wishing to design a gown you created yourself. Thank you Alison my dress was stunning. Linda"

Linda also sent me a lovely email saying:

"I wanted to sincerely thank you for creating my wedding dress from what was in my head to reality. From the day we met I knew that you could see my vision!

I appreciated the time you took sketching my ideas, the many times I changed my mind and then went back to the original sketch, every SMS, EMAIL and meeting that you had with me and that you were able to see me with notice whenever I was having a ‘moment’ and reassure me that everything would be perfect and it was!

Our wedding day was the most loving and perfect day with family and friends and when I look back now on photos and think about the day, I cannot help but smile.

Thank you for being part of this and turning me into my vision!"

The bridesmaid gown had the same wrap over design and neckline, complimenting the bride.

Using the existing flower design to create a feature was simple and effective.A few hundred seed beads in the right shades just lifted the design.


Astrid came to me to design and make her wedding gown with just 4 key requests.....raw silk, show off her tattoos, 50's style and fun.

I am so proud to have made this for her. It really suited her personality and she looked fantastic.

"Here are a few happy snaps from our day Thank you Alison for the most amazing dress!! It was so perfect in every single way. xxx"

The ivory raw silk was light and easy to use for a 50's style gown....not to mention the layers of netting underneath that Astrid loved to show off. She said "The dress was perfect, absolutely fabulous!!!! Can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did xxxx"


Stephanie was a lovely bride to work with. She always knew she wanted an ivory gown with lace and a bold red panel at the back. Practically every image she showed me was featuring this dramatic red panel, so I knew it had to be the starting block for her design

Stephanie's dress is the first one that I didn't do all the work on. I used a fantastic embroiderer...sadly now retired....that programmed my designs into her giant 3 metre long machine, and let it do its magic.

I was like a small child in a toy store watching the machine at work. It was so precise and amazingly fast.

Stephanie's final dress fitting was very emotional. She brought a few family members along to see the finished gown. There were tears and hugs all round.....quite special.

Stephanie's name has appeared on so many client inquiry forms. It's a great compliment to be so frequently recommended.

She sent me a lovely message. "Thank you for making my amazing wedding dress, it was exactly as I pictured it."

" I have recommended your skills to a lot of people.


Josie's mum said "What a great wedding & what a wonderful job on the amazing dress by Alison.PS

Loads of love from France!xx"

Josie said "We had such a fantastic day, thank you so much for all your hard work creating such a beautiful dress that really amazed everyone!"