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Alison PS Gowns

​Wedding. Ball. Cocktail + Alteration Service


No alteration is too small.

If it needs doing to make your gown perfect, then let me help you.

It can be as simple as adding bra loops or a bustle, and as complicated as re-designing or changing a zip back to lace-up.

No one should wear a gown for such an important day as a wedding or school ball in a dress that just doesn't fit. 

Hem lengths and side seams are the most common alteration, and definitely the most important. A poorly fitted gown is never a good idea. You want the gown to fit like a glove, giving a smooth line and emphasising your figure perfectly.

I take as much care and dedication to my alteration work as I do my bespoke work. So please be assured that I will do my best to make your gown fit perfectly. 

I keep hundreds of thread colours in stock, so your new seams will always match as closely as possible to your dress.

I also keep in stock boning, netting, bust cups, hooks, buttons, horse hair webbing....basically all the hidden bits that make up a gown, so I can begin on your gown without waiting for supplies to be delivered. 

Payments and Dates

In an ideal world I would ask all my alteration clients to book their date in the diary  at least 2 months before the event date. But since this isn't an ideal world, I will always do my best to fit you in the diary. I have been known to alter dresses 3 days before they were needed. This is very stressful for me so I beg you not to do this unless it is a real emergency. I may have to charge you for a session at a health spa to recover.

 I work to the dates needed and will always do my best to fit everyone in.

When you come for your fitting, you must bring the correct shoes, underwear and hoop underskirt (if your dress needs one) as it will have an effect on the finished fit.

If you don't have a hoop you can hire or buy one from me .....go to the Hoop Hire page. 

Before I pin your gown, I will give you a fixed price for the work needed.

If you decide to go ahead you must then pay a minimum of 50% of the total fee before I go any further.

We will also book your next fitting date. This is usually 2-4 weeks after the first fitting.

Most customers only need 2 fittings, but this isn't always the case so allow more time if possible.

The alterations, total fee and fitting dates will be written down for you to keep. 

On your final fitting you will be asked to settle your balance. Although you own the dress, I will not release the gown to you until your account is paid in full. Therefore if you are paying via bank transfer, the funds must be visible in my account first.

I do not list my prices online as there are far to many variations. But please feel free to email or call me with your requirements and I will do my best to give you an approximate price for the work needed. Please bear in mind the exact price may vary once I have seen the dress on you and confirmed the work to be done.

Below are great examples of gown alterations that completely transformed the look and feel of the original gown.

For more images and client testimonials, please got to the Testimonial pages. 


The story of Blair's wedding alterations are probably the most amazing. When she first brought her gown, she knew it was a few sizes too small....but that was on purpose. She had set herself a huge goal to lose weight in time for the big day.

I can honestly say it took several fittings and alterations, because Blair ended up losing far more weight than she predicted. She did a remarkable job.

Blair's gown was a stunning full princess style. It had delicate bead work over the champagne satin and tulle gown, and looked every part the dream gown. 

Blair wanted to emphasis her ever decreasing figure, and show off her new slimmer waistline, so I removed the zip and made the back into a lace up instead. 

Blair's bridesmaids

Blair had three bridesmaids that also needed alterations. Necklines and lengths were changed for all three, but Danielle needed the most.

Danielle has Scoliosis so needed her gown to be remade to fit the curve of her spine. This is something I have done many times over the years, but as each curve is different, it is vital to be careful with the measurements...they need to be exact. These types of alterations always need a few extra fittings. 

Blair's mum Kim came to almost every fitting and was so supportive of all the girls.

Kim sent me all these wonder photos with the following message.

Hi Alison.

Thank you so much for what you have done. You're an amazing dress-maker !!!.


Peta loved the gown, but thought the back was too plain and felt a little uncomfortable with a completely strapless neckline.

Changing the zip to a lace up back was a dramatic but effective transformation.

Adding a feature to the neckline may have seemed straight forward, but it was important to make the addition appear like it was always part of the design. I found a matching lace and created an asymmetrical strap across the left shoulder. Then I blended the bead work into the gown. 

Image taken before the tulle edges were trimmed away from the lace.

The end result was a stunning gown that the bride felt amazing wearing.

Peta said "Alison transformed my wedding dress into the 'gown of my dreams'. The alterations were quite substantial, so I was very careful about who was going to pass it over to! Alison is an overwhelming dressmaker who I would recommend to anyone who is extremely fussy like myself. Thank you Alison you are a Superstar ;) xx"

She also added in another message:

"Thank you Alison for recreating my dress of my dreams. A total redesign with expert suggestions and professionalism! I always left feeling completely happy and totally trustworthy that you would deliver, as you always did. I am the fussiest person you could ever meet and I was always surprised. Thank you.. everyone was blown away by my dress. Your the best xx"


Rochelle ordered her gown online.

The images on the website made the gown look stunning. But when it arrived, Rochelle was very disappointed. It was too big and the skirt was missing vital ruffles. It made it look flat and lifeless.

Taking the side seams in was a standard alteration. But by adding extra ruffles in between the existing ones, the gown came alive. It had movement and definition, and looked fantastic on the bride.

Not all alterations are standard hems and side seams. Some need something extra to transform the gown into the perfect dream.