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Alison PS Gowns

​Wedding. Ball. Cocktail + Alteration Service

Every journey has a beginning

Here​ is a little about mine.

It's what I love.

I thoroughly enjoy designing exclusive gowns for weddings or balls. It never ceases to amaze me just how imaginative my customers can be. The ideas that are presented to me sometimes are quite an exciting challenge.

I equally enjoy modernising a vintage or inherited dress. Again the scope of ideas makes some gowns unrecognizable by the time I have finished with them.

But even the simplest alteration gives me pleasure. When I see a customers smile when their gown is taken in to flatter a waistline, or a hem lifted to show the sweeping motion of the fabric, it proves that it is as important a task as making the gown from scratch.

I do have a habit of getting carried away with my passion, but I hope that just inspires you more to use my skills and let me make your day special.


How it all started.

Its funny to look back and remember that my journey started at the tender age of 5, when I hand made a brown cuddly dog from fake fur and wadding. That dog lasted until my late teens.

I then went to college to become a vet. But fate destined me to sew, so I gave up my course. 

I have worked in the Bridal wear industry since 1990. Starting with a fabrics company were I learnt just about all there is to know about how fabrics move, and how it effects the look of a garment. I found it truly fascinating. 

It was in those early years that I made my first clients bridal gown. I remember the detail to this day. It will always be a special gown to me.

The journey

As much as I liked making cushions and general clothing, my interest was drawn to Bridal gowns. I loved the feel of the fabrics, the strength and flattering fit of a corset, and the utter romance of the finished gown.

My journey took me to Confetti & Lace in the UK. I had over 9 amazing years working with Christine Dando. Her knowledge and passion inspired me every day.

During those years I worked with thousands of brides and bridesmaids. Helping each client find the perfect gown for her big day. But my job didn't end there. I also did the fittings, worked on hundreds of gowns, and so many shows I lost count.

Speaking to designers and drawing from their knowledge and ideas gave me such an insight the the industry....There are no set rules, go with your heart and create!!!!! It was a massive continuation to my dressmaking skills.

I was very proud to be part of the winning team for Bridal Retailer of the Year in 2002.

Not so proud of my hair cut at the time....that's me on the far right (previous surname Fellows).

Why go solo?

It's true that during those years I have created, fitted and altered over one thousand gowns. I gained a vast amount of experience working for and with other people. It has been a huge part of my career. But it was time to move to the next stage. So in 2011 Alison PS Designs officially was born.

In July 2021 my business name changed to Alison PS Gowns.

This is because I no longer have time to design bespoke gowns. My focus is now on sales and alterations of existing gowns. It is a very exciting chapter of the growth of my business.

Kind regards to you all.